Kindergarten : Legacy Children's Academy

The Kindergarten program adds to the Early Kindergarten program offering a structure that meets the developmental needs of students consisting of a longer and more academically challenging agenda with a smaller peer group in the afternoon. Learning in Kindergarten becomes contagious and collaboration begins to take place as the child’s social skills and self-confidence are solidified. Children at this age are emergent readers who also need one-on-one time with a teacher to strengthen decoding skills and increase reading fluency.

  • Language- Primary Phonics reading and workbooks.
  • Math- decimal system, all four mathematical operations.
  • Sensorial- identifying smallest to largest, thin to thickest, shortest to longest, geometric cabinet.

Early Preschool classroom & Early Kindergarten/Kindergarten also focuses on these subjects as well:

  • Geography- continents, cultures
  • Science- identifying mammals, amphibians, and reptiles
  • Botany- identifying parts, of a flower, plants, and trees
  • Christian learning