Early Preschool : Legacy Children's Academy

Children build and master important skills at critical periods that instill an “I can do it” attitude, creating an optimal environment for building independence, establishing a sense of empowerment, and creating the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. To ensure your preschooler receives that strong foundation, the children have a weekly Bible story and lesson that reinforce our goals of teaching the children self-confidence and independence, respect for themselves and others, the importance of a sense of responsibility for their own actions and for the well-being of others. By the end of the preschool years, our students have the necessary skills to succeed in the classroom for years to come as they have developed a love of learning. Each classroom provides a warm and secure community designed to meet each child’s needs at every developmental step.

  • Fine motor skills, such as coloring, painting, puzzles, stringing beads, tonging.
  • Gross motor skills, hopping, running, jumping.
  • Language- letter sounds, naming objects, matching, sorting, writing.
  • Math- numbers, counting, sequencing, matching the quantity to the number.
  • Sensorial- introductory to smallest to biggest, thin to thickest, shortest to longest, and geometric shapes.