Early Kindergarten : Legacy Children's Academy

Combining our Montessori and Orange Curriculum with our experienced educator’s philosophies, LCA offers a full day of academics as well as Physical Education, Music, Art, Spanish and Bible to create well-rounded students who can read and write at levels that surpass most, if not all, their educational peers in other schools. Throughout the year students work on laying the foundation for their education path, which includes social, mental, physical, and emotional development as well as gaining independence and self-identification that includes taking responsibility for themselves as well as what is socially acceptable. We provide our students with many different learning opportunities that help reenforce critical thinking and how it affects their world and those around them.

  • Language- sand paper letters and sounds, naming objects, matching the objects to the beginning sound, rhyming, sorting, reading, and writing.
  • Math- sand paper numbers, number recognition, matching the quantity to the number, introductory to the colored bead stair, decimal system, teen and ten boards, 100 board, introductory to all four mathematical operations.
  • Sensorial- identifying smallest to largest, thin to thickest, shortest to longest, geometric cabinet and shapes.